Manners Matter!

What is Etiquette?

Etiquette is a code of social behavior, which impacts all areas of life.  Etiquette emulates self-respect, respect for others, compassion, integrity, empathy and appreciation of values.  Proper etiquette opens doors and creates opportunities; a lack of etiquette creates additional barriers to life's opportunities.


How does Etiquette impact life?

Etiquette is infused into table manners, restaurant manners, how we communicate with others, being a guest at a party, hosting a party, social media, school behavior, work force behavior, interviewing, and so on.  Having proper manners makes others feel comfortable and valued.  It shows you have respect for yourself and others around you.


To create a solid etiquette foundation for children; so as they grow, they can focus on their new challenges in life and not the basics.  Proper etiquette removes potential obsticles to life challenges.

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