Restaurant Etiquette (Table Etiquette)


This is a 75- minute course providing hands-on instruction on proper restaurant etiquette and table manners.  The skills are applicable to the home and restaurant dining experience.  Is this my water glass or yours?  Elbows off the table!  Which fork am I suppose to use?  Stay in your seat!  Use your inside voice.  Chew with your mouth closed please.   Children will also learn and discuss the importance of dining with family and friends, proper table conversation and respecting ones self and others.


Ages 6-12,  12-18+


It's A Party!


Children will learn what Etiquette means and how it applies to being a party host and a guest.  Class will cover topics including:  Invitations, RSVPs, choosing the perfect gift, recieving a gift, thank you notes and so much more!


Ages 6-12



Communication Skills


Children will learn what Etiquette means and the importance of respecting ones self and others.   Topics covered include:  Body language, face to face communication, joining a group in conversation and politely exiting a conversation, as well as inviting/ including others in the conversation.

Telephone, cellphone and social media etiquette included.


Ages 6 +



You Are Beautiful!  Empowering Young Women


Empowering young women and girls to boost their self-esteem and improve their body image.  This class will expose the ugly truths and discuss how the pressure to be beautiful is robbing young women of their self-esteem.  A low self-esteem can leave them plagued by feelings of shame and worthlessness.  Poor self-esteem is linked to poor performance in school and on the job, vulnerable to violence and depression.  Let us break these chains and promote a healthy and happy life.


Ages 12-18+


Empowering Young Women-  Leadership


Empowering young women and girls to explore and find their leadership style.  Participants will engage in a variety of interactive and engaging activities that build self-esteem, confidence and leadership skills.  Self- confidence and leadership skills open doors and opportunites for young women in a challenging world.


Ages 12-18+




Life Skills 101 Series


Children will learn basic life skills such as:  

Basic Budgeting

Finding a New Apartment & Moving In - what are your needs, wants, and expenses?

House Keeping & Simple Home Repairs

Food Shopping and Preparation, Basic Cooking Skills.  

Topics are broken down into 75 minute classes.  Life Skills 101 can be taught as a series or individually. 


Ages 15 +  (content dependent)

Business Etiquette 101

This a condensed 90 minute class for young adults and high school students.   Topics included:  Restaurant Etiquette, Communication Skills, Chivalry and Dressing for Success.   This course can be taught in a restaurant setting or in a classroom.  

Ages:  14 +

Dorm Life & College Etiquette

What is dorm life like?  What do you need to bring with you?  How to maintain/ organize your dorm.  How to live graciously independently and with a new roommate?   College life/ class etiquette-  what you need to know?  75 minute course.

Ages 17 +


Playground Etiquette


Creating strong relationships on the playground.  Children learn the importance of respect, manners, being polite and showing empathy to others.  Emphasis will be placed on communication skills, joining and exiting a group, inviting and introducing others, building relationships and teamwork.  Building a playground to be a happy and inviting place.


Ages 6+


Chivalry Is Alive! 


Teaching the importance of respect, honor, courtesy and being polite.  This is a manner that seems to have gone to the wayside. This class is dedicated to fine tuning the behaviors of young men, which will make them stand out in a crowd.  Topics:  opening doors for others, parking the car and walking to the door, table manners, dating etiquette and so much more.


Ages 14 +

Nature Connected Mindfulness

This is a series of classes designed to teach people to disconnect from technology and reconnect with self and nature. Students will learn mindfulness skills such as meditation, focused body movement, breathing techniques and exploration of nature and the beauty within and out.

Youth and Adult classes

Teen Yoga

Life can be a struggle as a teen.   Yoga benefits include:  Physical strength, flexibility, improved coordination and balance.  Focus and mindfulness.  Emotional health - supporting self love and acceptance.   Stress & anxiety reduction.  Acceptance, compassion and decreased judgement of self and others.

Beginner- intermediate.


Ages: 13 + 

Kindness & Compassion

Children learn kindness, empathy, and respect through animal related storybook readings and interactive activities.

Mother - Daughter Connection

Building the bond between mother and daughter.   This is an interactive class, filled with discussion and activities.  Helping build the bond and overcome the struggles of communication, body image and connection.  

Daughters ages 10 + yrs old.

Gentleman's School - How to Succeed in a Competitive World

a 3 hour class focused on chivalry, dressing for success and dining etiquette for young adults/ adults.  

Age 16 + yrs old

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